Customer Care

Taytangle Designs appreciate's your support and we want to make sure you get the most out of your product! 

Before sticking your sticker down, please clean and dry the area as much as possible. Stickers will stick to flat surfaces the best, they last much longer on a surface that is not be touched often or is very rough. 


We do not suggest attaching stickers to objects covered in glitter, items that are touched by your hands often, cement, brick, items with ridges, or fabric. 

If you put your sticker on a water bottle, please hand wash it only. If your sticker is going on a phone case, we suggest putting it under a clear case. Stickers last much longer when they are protected! Stickers can be placed on windows, laptops, bottles, cases, some walls and doors, glass, paper, and more!

These stickers will not ruin your car windows, they have a UV protectant layer to stop them from fading and cracking. If stickers are under sunlight often they are subject to fade quicker. These stickers can be picked up and moved after being placed down, if it does leave a residue goo-gone works best!

Please email me for any additional questions. 

Privacy & Safety

Please do not put stickers on hot or wet surfaces. 

Your privacy is the highest importance to us. Taytangle designs and the publishing website will not steal or sell your personal information. Checking out is safe and secure. If you have any questions about your safety please email me. 

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